Animal Art

There is no question that we love our companion animals. My love for Oliver, a Russian Blue kitty, & Timber a German Shepherd Husky is infinite. My love for Oliver & Timber MAY be noticeable to my friends. For my 24th birthday I received TWO gifts giving tribute to my furry friends.

Natalie, my older sister, commissioned her friend Heather to create this beautiful hand painted necklace for me. I love it so much. Heather is no longer doing custom orders, but what she has to offer in her shop is amazing. 

Shortly after I received the necklace, Karissa presented me with her gift, a portrait of Oliver! It’s perfect. I named it “The Fantastic Mr. Oliver,” because it reminds me of Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr. Fox. It now hangs proudly in my room.  

I'm always amazed by people's creativity & these gifts I will always treasure. 

- Christina

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