10th Birthday Stash Bash

You know you have an amazing mom, when she plans this amazing mustache and favorite color themed 10th birthday.  What a milestone! A whole decade old!  Her mom did everything with help from relatives and family.  All we did was provide some touches, DITOdetails.  Mary put together all of the candy, and we provided jars and the sewn bunting.  Target has these huge mustaches for pumpkins and it so happened that I was in the market for something to dress up the jars.  I also sewed up a mustache streamer that we wrapped around trees.  We used the A-boards that we made for the Tea & Social to make a welcome sign, food table sign and photo booth sign.  

No Stash Bash is complete without a photo booth!  We provided the equipment for the photo booth and Mary made sure to have plenty of props for the kids!  

The kids had a blast.  It made me think of my 10th birthday, I had a slumber party and we crimped our hair. (duh) 

I know years from now, Savi will remember her 10th birthday and everything her mom did for her.  And if she needs reminding, she can always reference DIT&O and the dozens of photo booth pictures! 

DIT&O with the birthday girl 

We would love to help and collaborate with any future celebrations you're having! 


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