Tea & Social Vendors + helloDIT&O Shop!

My vision for the tea and social was to have a big networking opportunity for our very talented friends.  We emailed a group of our friends that sell their crafts, or provide services and heard back from some willing participants! Our helloDIT&O shop had for sell floral crowns, chalkboard mugs, hanging planters, jersey twisted headbands, leather cord tacos and sewn paper bunting.  All of which will be up on our new helloDIT&O Etsy shop! (announcing when it's up soon- working hard!) 

Christina's sister, Natalie was one of our vendors and sells her children's booties, dresses and pincushions.  You can find her items for sell at www.etsy.com/shop/natalierensink.  She also makes custom quilts, like the baby clothes one she made pictured below (cat not included). 

photo from Natalie's Instagram of baby quilt 
photo from Natalie's Instagram

Ashley is a good friend that sells jewelry.  She had some candles left over in stock so she had those for sell too.  I bought one of her pieces and will be posting it up soon too!   She unfortunately hasn't been selling on Etsy, but if you check out her Instagram @pineappleashley you can see some of her jewelry.  

Wendyful Designs, sells so much variety!  All of her sewn designs, and things from plushies, costumes, totes, head bands and small bags.  Her Etsy link is WendyfulDesigns.etsy.com.  Like her on Facebook! Wendy's sister also sold her illustrated stickers, no website at the moment but she can be contacted at lecroixjet25[at]yahoo.com.  Stickers inspired by popular media, they're super cool! 

Wendyful Designs table set up at the event, photo from her Instagram

ArtsycrAfton, had for sell some jewlery but she mainly does her watch ties.  They are really cool and hoping to get one soon for my watch collection.  Her Etsy is www.etsy.com/shop/scarystitcher

photo from her instagram of a wrap necktie watch

FromZombieswithLove sells geeky bows and plushies and they are super cute!  Check out her etsy www.etsy.com/shop/zombieswithlove.  Her business card was really cool and I got to meet the woman that made them!  It's laser cut wood with all of her information.  You can find TheSistersWood on Etsy and Facebook.  

photo from @fromzombieswithlove on instagram 

Courtney Seymour advertised her Etsy shop where she does custom paintings. http://www.etsy.com/shop/SeeMoreArt You choose the movie scene and she'll paint you or your friends in the painting! Very unique & cute!

Caitlin is a graphic designer and she was part of our event, not only the planning (Thanks, C!) but also as a vendor and promoting her service.  Her blog is catsmeowdesigns.blogspot.com.  

Thank you again to all of our vendors! Looking forward to our holiday edition! 

–Karissa @karissa_mariep

Photos by: Ashley Lynn Richards Photography

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