Personal Goal: Sleep Better

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My goal is to be in bed by 10 pm everyday turn off at tech gadgets an hour before bed.  Granted, this will be difficult, it will help my mind to reach a relaxed and peaceful state that will lead to a state of serenity and sleep– sounds lovely doesn't it.   I tend to not have a bed time, I sleep when I finally feel tired enough (not good).  Sometimes that's at 2 in the morning and while my cats lay around me having been asleep for hours, I catch up on my blog reading, tv show or maybe Pinterest.   This hyperarousal (in its mildest form) keeps me up until I can't fight anymore and sometimes fall asleep with the iPad on me or with my glasses on.  Instead before bed, I will spend my time finally finishing a book I'm in the middle of and having a cup of tea.   I'm looking forward to kicking some bad habits of mine when it comes to sleep, and learning some good ones from my cats because they are professional sleepers. (no really there's an article about that too!)  

Here are some interesting points I found while reading about sleep: 
- The Japanese and Americans sleep the least at a little more than 6 hours. 
- 34% of Mexicans say they sleep more than 8 hours on weeknights (woah! Is it a Mexican thing? I love my sleep that much too) 
- The recommended amount of sleep for adults is 7-9 hours nightly, though there is no magic number. 
- Mexico has the highest rate of those of who pray before bed (the relaxed state can also lead to better sleep and more sleep)
- "U.K. residents were most likely to opt for a soothing drink before bed or to read a book or magazine in print" < sounds like my goal! 

Inspired by this Refinery 29 article. 
International Bedroom Poll

Any tips or good habits you have to share? Please do! 

– Karissa 

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