Announcing our Tea & Social to Celebrate the First Day of Fall!

This weekend we've been hard at work prepping for next weekend. On September 22nd, DIT&O is hosting an opportunity to gather and meet other creative minds on the first day of fall. You will have the opportunity to play games, DIY, have tea & food, socialize, and most importantly visit local vendors selling their handmade goods.

Everyone is welcome so feel free to bring your mom, your daughters, grandmas, anyone!

Planning our layout.

Karissa screen printing with her handmade screen press. 

Caitlin helping DIT&O gather materials.

Shirts made for our raffles! 

DIT&O cannot be more excited for this event. We have a lot to offer this coming Sunday so feel welcome to have a cup of tea with us!



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  1. So cute! follow each other on gfc?