Adventures in kombucha making

I got my first scoby from a friend who took a kombucha making class who in turn taught me the ways of kombucha making. Kombucha is essentially a sweet black tea that is then fermented with a s.c.o.b.y. (Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast).  It ferments in a dark, warm spot for 1-3 weeks and then it's bottled and flavored. (My favorite part!) All you have to do to flavor is place your fruit (frozen or fresh), herb or vegetable into the bottle before sealing.  My last bottling round I got a little crazy and flavored with Serrano chilies!  Not with too much because I was a little afraid myself.   Kombucha is full of probiotics and tremendously good for your intestines and overall health (plus energizing! caffeine!).

For classes check out Kombucha Kamp.

Kombucha all set to grow and ferment for 2 weeks. 

Instagram image @karissa_mariep.  My serrano flavored batch! 

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