Thrift Gifting

You know when you find something when you're out and about shopping and you think "that would be perfect for so-and-so" or "so-and-so would love this".  Months back while thrifting I found this pair of wooden pineapple bowls.  They were so cute I thought of my friend Ashley, whose Instagram name is @pineappleashley.  Somehow I always seem find pineapples.  Since I found a pineapple pitcher, solid wooden pineapple that is an hors d'eourves, "thoothpick snack" holder (I found it on etsy and ebay for $20+!!!)  and a ceramic pineapple bowl.  I hope Ashley can find a use for all of these things– she's super creative so I'm not worried about it.

Asheley's table setting with a real pineapple via Instagram @pineappleashley 

The wooden dishes after their makeover. Photo via Instagram @pineappleashley

The wooden dish used as a catchall.  Photo by Ashley. 
The "wineapple" photo by Ashley 
Two weeks ago when I last gave Ashley one of my thrift gifts (the pineapple pitcher) she was so excited for it and called it the wineapple, but exclaimed she "thrift owed me" and asked what I liked, John being right next to me just said "cats- anything cats".  And so begins our thrift gifting.   A couple of days later, she surprised me with my first thrift gift (not that I expect to always get one in return).  To my surprise it is the best thing ever– this super cute CAT ring holder.  THANKS Ashley! 

I hope this inspires you to thrift gift with a friend or friends!  I just makes me so happy to give gifts.  

Have a good weekend crafting, thrifting, picnicking or anything else you DITOers may be up to this weekend!  Keep up with us on Instagram (links to the right). Hasttag us with #thriftingwithDITO or just mention us @hellodito we want to see what you're up to and share! 

- Karissa 

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