Thrifting: Why we do it and why we love it.

In the effort to be more eco-friendly, I've decided to take up thrifting more seriously. It feels so much more rewarding to buy secondhand goods, that way my carbon footprint can be that much smaller. And I'm all for super cheap and cute home goods and clothing. I'm slowing learning my thrifting ways from Karissa, who comes from a long line of thrifting women. And I come from a father who garage sales every weekend. So it's meant to be!

- Christina

A nice button down for John, Karissa's fiance. 
Old Navy maxi dress for Christina.

Mossimo dress for Christina.

A great green sweater for Karissa.

& behind the scenes:

We have some very helpful helpers. Thank you John & Aaron!

Everything else we found 

I have been thrifting and especially going to Goodwill, since I was around 5 years old.  I learned all I know from my grandma- Lita.  As a child my grandma would take the loot of all of her grandkids to Goodwill and we would wander all of the bins of toys as my Lita would find trinkets, nicknacks and doodads.  

I've always loved finding items that someone else regarded as unwanted goods and giving them a new life.  

My favorite stuff to thrift is home goods.... It's terrible because my kitchen is over flowing with finds that to me- at the moment, I couldn't have lived without it.   

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- Karissa 

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