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Two Mondays this month I have hosted some friends over for dinner.  Early August I had Efren and Miranda (newlyweds! Congrats!) over for dinner and it was so nice to start off the week with with friends.  Miranda was extra thankful for making her Monday so much better after a not so good day at work.  I showed her that Mondays don't have to suck! Our cocktail of the night was what I called "agua  picante de sandia": 2 oz blanco tequila, 4 oz watermelon juice, 1 oz club soda, splash of lime juice and finished with some thai spicy bitters to taste! 

Our meal that night was steak with chimichurri and crispy potatoes with a nice nectarine summer salad and three berry cobbler with vanilla ice cream for dessert. 

collage I instagramed- follow me @karissa_mariep

Because I hadn't seen Aubrey and Seth in a little while I decided to have them over last night.  I baked a brie with strawberry preserves and served it with apple slices as our appetizer.  It was so good I meant to take a picture of it but we dug in too soon.  

For dinner I went with a kale caesar salad with cornbread croutons (I know Aubrey loves cornbread!), creamy tuscan kale soup and a roasted cauliflower and penne pasta .  Dessert was provided by Aubrey- mochi!  

I wanted to highlight the cocktail of the night- a spicy margarita, lets continue the theme and call it "margarita en fuego".

Both Seth and Aubrey are spice addicts, I had a bag full of serranos and decided to use them to make a spicy margarita.

The cocktail requires: 
cocktail shaker & strainer
margarita mix 
red pepper powder 
limes cut into wheels 
fresh serrano sliced in half
lemons cut into quarters 

First, prep your salt to rim the glass.  Mix some red pepper power with margarita salt on a small plate.  Rim your glass with the mixture.

In a cocktail shaker with ice add 2oz tequila, 4oz margarita mix, half of a serrano (or less depending on spice tolerance),  juice from a quarter of a lemon and shake. When pouring into your glass strain through a mesh strainer so you don't get any seeds in your drink.  Top the glass off with some squirt (I like the carbonation) and finish with a lime as garnish!

Because Aubrey wanted even more spice she requested some slices of serrano in her drink! Crazy girl!
(One of her favorite drinks is from Cleo in Hollywood, its called the Clementina it has grey goose Vodka, crushed basil and serrano chile,
orange juice & fresh squeezed lemon. It's SO good, will have to recreate it with her at our next dinner)

And thats it!  Another great evening with friends.  And of course we played Cards Agains Humanity- because there were only 4 of us we played a random card each time, and in the rule book it explains, his name is Rando Cardrissian!  And embarrassingly for the rest of us, he won like 5 black cards!

I hope you DITOers are are having a lovely week so far!

- Karissa

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  1. This really happened. I was there. POOPY DIAPERS