Sharpie Fad

A Beautiful Mess posted what is the most widely known post about the sharpie mug.   Upon everyone trying it (what could go wrong? You draw on a mug with sharpie and bake for 30 minutes at 350) well apparently it didn't work for everyone.  The problem was that the sharpie didn't stay.   My guess is it must depend on sealants.   Upon washing after baking, crafters experienced their design scrubbing off when being washed.

Because I love my cats I wanted to make them personalized food bowls but ended up using plates.  Cat food plates aren't something that are washed too frequently, so  I didn't think this was a problem.   
But if painting on a mug or painting something as a gift- the last thing you want is for it to wash off in the first wash.  

So some solutions: 
1. Use sharpie oil paint pens followed by the same bake time and temp. These can be found at craft and office supply stores.  
2. Use Pebeo porcelain pens (a little pricey but is probably the best option). You can find these at art supply stores. 

For the designs?  Get creative! 

Here are some links to popular posts on sharpie mugs:

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