Neuvo Mexico

Karissa & I decided to expand our blog to a lifestyle blog so we can have more opportunities you update our dear followers. Recently I went on a trip to visit my brother in New Mexico. He lives there as a Benedictine Monk (meaning his a traditional Catholic monk). It's a different world, in his world. He lives in the middle of nowhere, where they grow their own vegetables, have farm animals, and build buildings with their bare hands. They live a very peaceful life of prayer and solitude. It's always a great trip because it's so different and I only see my brother once or twice a year now.

I edited these photos with A Beautiful Mess' photo app, BeautifulMess & Afterlight. Highly suggest those two iPhone photo apps! Check them out!

- Christina @city_loveee    


  1. Awww the calf pics are super cute :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute

    1. They were such sweet animals. - Christina