Instagram Magnets

In this digital age, it's so sad hardly any photos are printed anymore. On the other hand, we have hundreds of photos to look at. We're very fortunate to capture all of these memories. For Christmas gifts last year I created these Instagram magnets as gifts for everyone on my list. It's nice to have your Instagram photos actually printed out!

I used this DIY. The only roadblock that I had with that DIY is where would print a 2 in x 2 in photos? I ended up using the app Postal Pix. In this app, you upload the photos straight from your phone, submit your order, and they send them to your mailing address. Super simple. 

I know there are companies that make Instagram magnets for you, but I would highly suggest doing it yourself. I probably made 50-100 magnets during Christmas and I still have tiles, magnets & photos left over. It's more cost efficient to make them yourself. 

Also, make sure your magnets are strong enough to hold the tile on the fridge. Sometimes the tile is too heavy for the magnet. I learned the hard way and had some break. If the magnets are a little weak, just glue two on the back. 

I'll probably continue to do this DIY for a long time because my Instagram library keeps growing! I hope you try it out, too. 

- Christina


  1. LOVE these! We have been thinking about doing something like this. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at