Kitchen Bench

I love sitting in booths when I go to restaurants.  They allow you to sit so much closer to your loved one unlike chairs. (hehe)  So for the kitchen table I wanted a bench but also didn't want to spend a ton of money for one.  On one of our many trips to Ikea, John and I saw a couple of the many benches they sell that you can assemble at home.  They were upwards of $60 and of course I just wanted to take the easy way out and buy one.  But I am lucky to be engaged to a man that can build and fix things!  So he took inspiration from those benches and I found this bench tutorial from 2friends&2cities and with some modifications our bench was born!

To see a list of materials, visit their blog, we used basically the same.  I found that rounding the foam was more difficult than posed on the original blog post but that was about it.  The bench that was built in the original post was rather long, and because of the length wasn't a functional bench because it couldn't hold the weight of people.  We shortened our bench to fit the size of our kitchen table (slightly smaller).  And I finished my bench off with some tacks around the rim.

hope you're having a lovely weekend (making something I hope!)                  -karissa

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