A skirt reborn.

This is really useful DIY for all of you thrifters out there! I got this skirt out thrifting and the elastic waistband was completely shot, but the fabric was so cute! So what I decided to do was replace the elastic band and and also raise the hem in the process. 

1. First you role the waistband up to the desired length.

2. Measure the desired length.

3. Mark the length all around the skirt.

4. Cut off the top of the skirt.

5. Serge the cut edges.

6. Fold over the top to create the casing for the elastic. (make sure there’s ease so the elastic fits in)

7. Put the elastic in and sew it up!

& there you have it! A brand new skirt! Let me know if you have any questions, and let me know what you think!


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