DIT&O Crafternoon

On January 28, over 15 creative ladies joined us at our crafternoon.  We sent invites and reminders through RedStamp.  There were a couple of DIYs that we did for the party (and they will have their own post).   We learned a lot from the first DIT&O party: start earlier, have an end time, manage time while crafting and have all supplies ready.  We did 4 crafts: twig candle holder, ruffle shoe clips, hexnut bracelets and Valentine's day cards.   The hexnut bracelets were repeated because at our first party only two people made them.  

The giveaway this time around was a folder with some goodies in it.  There was a printed sheet with the list and links to the crafts we made, a custom made DIT&O notepad and a round magnet.  
Sign in table 
Instagram picture (Thanks Ashley!)

Making the twig candle holders. 

Crafting away making cards, while I oversee.  haha. 

Christina and Karissa.  I love this picture! 

Twigs for candle holders. 
Working hard to keep the twigs together. 

Heart streamers.  

View of the backyard. 

Bar area with snacks and drinks. 

Choosing fabric for the ruffle shoe clips. 

Karissa and Mena 

Julia (Karissa's mom) and Aubrey 

Angel, Karissa and Ashley 

We had a ton of fun and were glad everyone who came could make it.  They will only get better and better!