Apartment: Moving Announcements

Finally moved out with John! It's almost been 8 years [in November] and we finally did it.

 I love sending and receiving mail so what better opportunity than moving announcements. I searched for inspiration on Martha Stewart and Paper Source. My original idea was just to print a map of the area with a dot to mark our new home. 

 After looking at my inventory of stationary I chose a stationary set that I hadn't used much of. So instead of printing a map from google maps, I imported the map into photoshop and traced the major streets. It didn't take too long, probably 15 mintues total. I printed my clip art map onto the stationary sheets (to do this all you have to do is modify the paper size and print like normal). I put a small shipping label that read "We've moved!" on the map and left space for writing. I also printed address labels. Because I love getting mail so I inclueded an envelope alreay stamped and addressed to John and I so our recipients could write us back. 

 I sent most of the cards last week and have already gotten 3 cards. I was SO excited to check the mail and of course the first card I got was from Christina! I got a card from John's niece and her last sentence was "are we pen pals now?", YES Genna, we are! :) 

I thought it was weird to have my address posted everywhere so I blurred it out.  

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  1. Congratulations on the move! I hope you enjoy your stay in your new apartment! apartments in charlotte nc