1st Giveaway

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts, we've missed you and are excited to back!

We reached our 50th follower, and we're prepared for the giveaway! I know you guys have been waiting with bated breath. We apologize for the wait, but we assure you this was worth the wait! Instead of there being ONE winner, there will be one grand prize of the cowl, bracelet and necklace for one person. And 4 more winners who will win a bracelet or necklace.

The grand prize winner is Rose!

The runner ups are Molly Snow, Meg Reed, Alyce Ayers, Create Fabulous!

So please email your mailing address to hello.dito@gmail.com!


1 comment

  1. WOW!! I never win anything! Thanks so much for being so generous! I love both the hex bracelet and the chevron necklace, so I'm super excited for either! You guys are awesome...can't wait to see what neat ideas you come up with next :) and again, if you need it - gustafson.julie@gmail.com is my email addy! Thanks again!