Postcard Invites

I love, love, love sending snail mail! And oppositely I LOVE receiving it! 
Getting something in the mail is so exciting, especially knowing it traveled so far just to get to you.  

For our invites for the next DIT&O party we decided to send a postcard.  It's simple- no envelope required, just a stamp.  So I made special DIT&O postcards personalized with the event details.   

Because we love you so much we included the postcard as a printable!

I made the front and back their own pdf files.  All you have to do is print one side and then put the same sheet in the printer and print on the opposite side.  You can also even open the Chevron Post Card Front into photoshop or Pages (which is what I used to make them) and personalize your post card.

Here are the pdfs!

Chevron Post Card Front

Chevron Post Card Back



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