Glitter Ombre Nail Tutorial

Nov. 2013- Thanks for visiting us! We are so happy you found us (most likely through Pinterest).  I love glitter on my nails so much, I do this in multiple color variations, I am currently wearing a black polish with gold ombre look!  We hope you visit our other posts!

photo via my Instagram @karissa_mariep

Centuries ago, nail polish was used to signify social class.  Today, girls as young as 5 years old paint their nails and shades have a much broader  range than they used to.  

2011 brought us a number of polish trends.   Glitter has become a huge trend and not only in polish.  In middle school I used to make my own nail polish, back when it wasn't available.  I would pour glitter into clear polishes, clever right?!  

Today's DIT&O is a simple nail art tutorial.  I follow a lot of blogs that do amazing things and because not everyone is as talented as those bloggers this tutorial is elementary in comparison.

The materials I used are Martha Stewart's yellow barite glitter, L'oreal club prive and Essie's top coat no chips ahead.  

1. Paint 1 very thin coat of your base color (mine was L'oreal club prive) on all of your nails.  
2. Paint the second coat of your base color on only one finger.  
3. You want to sprinkle the glitter while the polish is still tacky, and it will be a tad messy!  You can either sprinkle directly from the glitter tube (carefully) or sprinkle a small mountain of glitter onto paper, pinch it between two fingers and then drizzle it onto your wet nail polish (the messier of the two methods). 
4. Sprinkle the glitter starting at the base of the nail.  You want the glitter to be heavy towards the base and less sprinkled at the top, to create the ombre look.   
5. Repeat steps 2-4 until all of your nails are complete.   
6. Let nails dry completely and finish with a top coat.

Finished product!!! 
Martha Stewart's glitter is really fine so it works really well.  It also comes in a ton of different colors.  

Need to do your nails? Here's a look at the winter polish trends




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